D4ALLNET - Design For All Network of Excellence

Years: 2002-2005

Partners: IFAC-CNR; The Danish Centre for Technical Aids for Rehabilitation and Education; FTB, Forschungsinstitut Technologie-Behindertenhilfe, Germany; iRv - Institute for Rehabilitation Research; STAKES, National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health; CID-KTH, Center for User Oriented IT Design, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Description: D4ALLnet aims to develop a common platform for discussion and debate, in order to promote and advance Design for All (DfA) practices in the Information Society, raise awareness on DfA through specific outreach activities, and in particular to support the efforts of EDeAN towards the implementation of the e Europe 2002-2005 Action Plan. The projectis developing the necessary infrastructure for virtualnetworking (e.g., Special Interest Group formation, on-line discussions,information sharing, etc) to enable systematic cooperation amongst EDeAN members and with other networks, stakeholders andactors in the field, to advance common objectives, including DfA policies, standardisation, benchmarking for assessing andvalidating DfA experiences, proactive assessment on DfA, and the study of required and recommended features foran interdisciplinary program of study on DfA. The consolidated experience will become part of a DfA Resource Centre,aiming to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst DfA practitioners, offer access to resources on DfA and on-going andcontinuous update of the pool of relevant and validated information.