ACCESS - Development platform for unified ACCESS to enabling environments

Years: 1994-1996

Partners: IFAC-CNR; Hereward College, UK; Institute of Computer Science - Foundation of Research and Technology (FORTH), Crete, Greece; MA Systems and Control Ltd, UK; Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health, Finland; Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK; Seleco SPA, Italy; STAKES, Finland; VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland; PIKO Systems, Finland; Department of Informatics, University of Athens, Greece; Sensory Disabilities Research Unit, University of Hertfordshire, UK.

Description: This project produced software platforms to generate human-computer interfaces that can be used by different group of users. A public domain software was developed to describe interfaces that allow to dialogue with applications in an abstract way, independently from the technology that is used for the physical interface. When user groups characteristics, whose access has to be supported, are entered in the system, the system itself automatically generates different versions of the physical interface, using an appropriate interaction technology. For example, if a user is identified as 'normal',the interface will be based on Microsoft Windows graphical objects. For blind users the same interface will be based on audible objects or on readable objects like braille.