Industrial Involvement in DfA

In order to achieve wide Design for All diffusion, it is of basic importance to establish relationships with industries, who have a key role in the production of ICT services. It is important to identify the motivation of ICT to use the DfA approach. This includes identifying suitable DfA strategies in specific industries, impact of accessibility legislation on ICT industry, case examples.
For a wide adoption of DfA in industry, it is also necessary to appropriately prepare design professionals and staff.

The e-Inclusion Lab staff intends to support, through these topics, a discussion amongst research and industry about how to best encourage the DfA approach amongst the larger ICT community.

In the framework of the dfa@eInclusion project, a first workshop "Paths to support adoption of a Design for All approach in ICT industries" has been organized to start discussion with industry. The event was held on September 24th . 25th, 2007 in Sankt Augustin, German.

A second occasion to discuss these topics at Italian level was in a section of the workshop "Technological innovation for social integration: the smart environments", organized by the e-Inclusion Laboratory in Roma on November 26th, 2007.