Lab presentation

"e-Inclusion" means both inclusive ICT and the use of ICT to achieve wider inclusion objectives. It focuses on participation of all individuals and communities in all aspects of the information society. e-Inclusion policy, therefore, aims at reducing gaps in ICT usage and promoting the use of ICT to overcome exclusion, and improve economic performance, employment opportunities, quality of life, social participation and cohesion. (Pt. 4 MINISTERIAL DECLARATION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY ON 11 June 2006, Riga)

According to the Riga declaration the eInclusion Laboratory research team has been working for more than 20 years in the field of ICT with the aim of identifying both barriers and possibilities in order to improve quality of life and inclusion of all people in social life.

The activity has been following the evolution of technology and all the changes of society relevant to it.
Starting from the first activities, mainly experimental, related to the implementation of the first speech synthesizer in italian language (1985), based upon expertise on Digital Signal Processing, the research is now focused on the most recent scenarios related to Ambient Intelligence and its use by all people.

Thanks to these relevant activities the e-Inclusion Laboratory, part of the Institute of Applied Physics of the Italian National Research Council, was recognized by the European Commission as the National Contact Center (NCC) of the European Design for all e-Accessibility Network (EDeAN), the European network of centers of excellence in this field. Being a NCC, our institute hosts the Italian website of this network:

In year 2007, the EDeAN secretariat was run by the e-Inclusion Laboratory.